WHITE LABEL : Boulou & Elios Ferre


Ferre Brothers: White Label

Film by Maki // Natalis Group LLC

The Ferre family is born of the Gypsy Jazz (manouche) music tradition.  One is a classically trained soloist and his brother a master of flamenco.  Boulou and Elios grew up in the Romani communities of France. Both brothers expertly play American, European and Gypsy jazz from standards to obscure classics to improvisation.  I was their local guide during one of their festive tours.  We spent hours in used vinyl shops finding just the right jazz recordings to bring back home.  Boulou and Elios are an authentic gypsy jazz experience.

Published by Natalis Group LLC //  black & white,  48 minutes,  remastered. The full length Movie Screener available on:


The FERRE BROTHERS documentary is a White Label recording with all music rights reserved by the musicians involved .To support our White Label educational recording efforts the suggested $9 donation helps cover web and future production costs involved.  Thank You.

Download includes: concert documentary, guitar player workshop and television program segment

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WHITE LABEL : Boulou & Elios Ferre

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