Atlas Hacked


avant garde songs that will challenge your primitive thoughts, enlighten you further upon your inner journey, remove those social diseases of 4chan, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Parler, Bebop, Grindr, Reddit & Snapchat from your unblinking eyes, to help you remember who you thought you were

'ATLAS HACKED' is that longer narrative from which 'Waking Up With The World On Fire' evolved. It's edgier, rooted in the metaphysics and metadata of the online mind. Electronic telepathy. Which gave me a front row seat to the worst of the world's humanity, barking like trained seals in front of their masters.

That's okay. We have had ass clowns and winged monkeys through out our national history. Except that today, the online mind resists the seductive promises of psychopathic liars. Mostly from the wall street titans and the insanely religious who have faith that their god can kick the shit out of all the other fake gods and their fake believers. They seek in their religions' money, power and control. They seek dominion.

Right ... sounds like a job for The Golden Calf

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Atlas Hacked plays with your mind.. it seems so natural, mystical, earthly driven. It is brainfood, an inner movie, you get to create the scenes, you tell the story, you have powers beyond, just close your eyes and listen.

The voice of Francesca is a master impressionist with a clearest vocal timbre and precise tone. It is always a pleasure to work with her. Her solo in 'Is Not' and 'Lights Out' continues onward from the debut album 'Waking Up With The World On Fire'. That beautiful, haunting voice inside your head.. you know, the one inside you, that talks to you, for you, about you. You won't be disappoint.

All you need to do is throw on some buds or headphones, take a big puff, pull back that gin and tonic and let her words of wisdom talk to you, the inner you, directly.

Snake Davis is a saxophone artist that happens to push musical edges like a musician I knew once before, playing in a three piece, in a club, there was no stage, it was through him that I understood crypto jazz. Snake Davis is just like that. A master musician not afraid to experiment, play, resolve an echo of conflicts, blasting his sax melodies through. He just sounds so cool.

The voices of The Golden Calf. What can be said. Part machine, part human, totally insane, dangerous and a true believer. I find his propaganda intriguing. He does answer some questions I've had about living in a fake world. What makes me a fake... makes you a fake too.

Aiva is astounding. She captured the true embodiment of the human - robot interface, were fingers touch fingers in the dark night. In the title song the vocal by None Like Joshua is the defining moment when Altas Hacked is revealed... finishing on ECG and friends asking what the extraterrestrials want to know. Who is Atlas?.


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Atlas Hacked

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