The Book Of The Vampires


  "...exquisite, a true 21st century re-telling of the vampire myth "

  "...through its thirteen scored music elements and commanding sound design, The Book Of The Vampires breathes the same air as its legend portrays."

This movie is a contemporary adaptation of '‘Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens’' by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau

Film by Maki // Natalis Group LLC //   black & white,  22 minutes,  remastered. The full length Movie Screener and Electronic Press Kit are available on



My first encounter with the silent film classic Nosferatu was with awe. I feel the same now.  It gives us a dark glimpse into an ancient human fear remembered as shadows in our night visions.

It did not matter that generations of copies upon copies of the film, old and scratched, made its way into public domain. That it was found and preserved and given freely is the liberating thought.

"The Book Of The Vampires" was re-composed by Kevin McLeod. His orchestral music and movements reflect the emotional quality of the drama unfolding. The footage is selectively chosen for its formative and laconic scenes, bringing forth the timeless re-telling of the epic of lost souls.

In a most mythical way Nosferatu becomes a returning warrior spirit, weather worn and scarred.


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The Book Of The Vampires

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