en Femme de'l Horreur


"Do you know what madness is and when it strikes?"

This one of a kind adaptation of a 1955 psychological thriller, with it's era laden sexually, uses only what's on the soundtrack of the original movie to ask of you simply

"Are You Normal ?" .... Well then, you better take the test.

"en Femme de'l Horreur"   black & white,  22 minutes,  remastered.    The full length Movie Screener and Electronic Press Kit are available on:


It is not often one can find a crime story that has the impact, critical appreciation and timeless storytelling as found in the film 'Daughter Of Horror'. 1955, also released as 'Dementia' 1953

This movie still maintains a cult classic following. To those among us who cherish this film as I do, this adaptation recognizes the music to be as important as its visual storytelling. Scored by George Antheil, filled with jazz numbers by Shorty Rogers and his Giants, the soundtrack has memorable themes and music.

A powerful force of the film is its narration. Stunning. Dramatic. Able to inflict fear, at will. The voice of Ed McMahon breathed life into the script. Director and screenwriter John Parker tapped onto this soon to be television legend, at an early part of his career.

The back story is spirited with era-correct educational and exploitation films, to help you understand and question your hidden insanity. Come on. Are you really that normal?

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en Femme de'l Horreur

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