Dr. Caligari


Renowned as a classic silent horror film, 'The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari' is truly an inspired fable of our decent into madness.

It questions if the human soul can be scientifically measured? In a clever turnabout it becomes a question about the very sanity, and soul of Dr. Caligari, as he performed his ghastly experiments.

Film by Maki // Natalis Group LLC //   black & white,  19 minutes,  remastered. The full length Movie Screener and Electronic Press Kit are available on


What makes this film adaptation unique is it’s adherence to the original script of “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” written by Hans Janowitz and Carl Meyer, before the film producers imposed the cinematic trick of a ‘twist ending’. This technique may have been innovative at the time but also obfuscated the fabric of the story.

"Dr. Caligari" was re-composed by Kevin McLeod. Among his orchestral emotions and movements his signature song 'Darkness Is Coming' is sung by heavenly angels. The footage is selectively chosen for its formative and laconic scenes that carry us to the brink of insanity.

The fact that the footage is damaged, dirty, scratched and flawed only adds to the story’s immediacy. It acts as the dark mirror through which a fabled incident is remembered.


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Dr. Caligari

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